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I come from ...

I was born in the south of Chile. I grew up in San Carlos, a little town close to my hometown Chillán. For undergrad studies, I moved to Santiago, the metropolis of my country. That new scenario presented me challenges and opportunities I had never faced before.

My background is in computer science and machine learning. I am an engineering and got my Masters of Science degree in machine learning from the Pontifical Catholic University of Chile.

Currently, I live in Cambridge aiming to accomplish a Ph.D. at MIT.


I am ...

If we spend most of our time complaining, we won't have time for enjoying the great things around us. Life has taught me to smile at everything. 

I am a very enthusiastic and optimistic person. Veracity, justice, and liberty are the three central values that drive my life. Commitment, focus, and responsibility with my dreams are my biggest strenghts.

I firmly believe that the better people we are, the more we receive from the rest.


I love ...

I love my mother, siblings, and friends. They make who I am.

I love people. I love the fact they can laugh. I strongly believe that, from a tech approach, I can help voiceless people by giving them reasons to smile.

My favorites hobbies are by far playing and watching sports. I like biking, going out with friends and spending time on my personal computer.

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