Belén Saldías, Santiago, Chile

MSC Belén Carolina Saldías Fuentes


Graduate Research Assistant - Lab for Social Machines - MIT Media Lab, 2018 - .

Data Scientist -, 2016 - 2018.

Computer Science Lecturer - Pontifical Catholic University of Chile, 2017 - 2018. 

M.S. Computer Science - Pontifical Catholic University of Chile, 2016 - 2017. 

B.S. Industrial Engineer with minor in Computer Science - Pontifical Catholic University of Chile, 2012 - 2017. 

My master research was in machine learning. Since getting training sets has been an issue of significant impact during the last years, I proposed a probabilistic model for yes/no type crowdsourcing in multi-class classification.

I have developed several projects of machine learning and data mining in university as well as a freelance consultant. I have also worked as Data Scientist for the biggest ecommerce company in Latin America.

My main areas of knowledge are algorithms of machine learning and data mining. I have also explored solving simulation problems (processes, process mining, and Monte Carlo simulations) as well as software development.

I would like to share my title speech with you. Available only in Spanish.


Adjunct Professor @ Pontifical Catholic University of Chile

2018/1 Data Mining and Management

2018/1 Computer Advanced Programming

2017/2 Data Mining

Conferences & Events

Data Scientist - Web Intelligence @ Falabella .COM

Developing machine learning for the biggest e-commerce in Latin America. The main projects rely on recommendations and products rankings to increase the ticket size and conversion rate.

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